Pokémon Air Adventures started!


Pokémon Air Adventures started in Japan on June 21!

Through games, anime and other creations, Pokémon has been dedicated to depicting the joy of adventure. Thanks to the venturesome spirit unique to Pokémon, we will now provide something extra special by creating a whole new type of fun. When we can all travel freely again, Pokémon would like to add to the celebration and offer you many days of tremendous excitement. We’d also like to lend a hand to the strongly affected airline and travel industries. With that in mind, we have decided to launch Pokémon Air Adventures.

We are now carrying out wide-ranging efforts so that, when the time comes, Pokémon Air Adventures will connect the world’s skies through our Pikachu Jet, allowing Flying Pikachu and friends to create wonderful memories wherever they go.

By bringing you closer to other people and other regions, Pokémon Air Adventures will show you the joy of travel. The Pikachu Jet will serve as a symbol of this grand experience. Soon, this airplane will take flight across many countries and regions worldwide. When we’re all able to travel again, we hope many people will enjoy this journey through the skies. We’ll be undertaking all kinds of operations across the globe, especially at the landing spots for our Pikachu Jet. For starters, we will work with Okinawan souvenir, transport, and tourism firms to show off the charms of Japan's Okinawa Prefecture to the world. These efforts will continue for a long time to come, so we hope you come visit when national and local regulations allow you to travel again.